“KAMALOKA” is the new album by Max Clouth and the Clan. It takes us on a road trip, giving us the music for an episode movie shot on the roads between Germany and India. “Kamaloka” is a term from Sanskrit and comes from ancient Indian culture. It literally translates as “place of desire”, where one detaches oneself from the material world.

Max is one of those people who constantly reinvent the existing, who call multiple worlds their home and who travel to develop new perspectives and broaden their horizon. He is driven by his curiosity for the novel and unknown. Pushing beyond the mere narration of past experiences, he strives to discover, understand and interact with new conditions before he moves on. There is no room for iterations. The calling is always onwards. Even his instruments undergo the processes of reinvention. In his Clan, Max is joined by musicians who share this vision of creating music. The steady process of reorientation draws us into spheres of sound/ soundscapes that bridge influences and contexts. From Frankfurt to Mumbai, Indian Rock is combined with a solid jazz foundation. Jazz as interpreted by the Max Clouth Clan is so richly layered and influenced by a multitude of styles it ultimately escapes categorization.

But instead of pinning the Clan’s style down in a neat definition let’s talk about what their music evokes in the listener. Their songs conjure landscapes and faces from our memory as well as imagined places we have never seen before – strung together like a road trip inside
our mind. Resembling the soundtrack of a film, which only exists in your imagination. Episodes shot on the roads between Germany and India. A reeling sequence of individually crafted scenes, each unique, nuanced and vividly colourful. Fore- and background alternate. Perspectives change. Meaning arises by connecting the fragments to a whole.

The questions raised in this film can only be our own and the answers depend on our courage to accept change as the bearer of true happiness.
Max Clouth and his Clan have found their own way of embracing change: why just follow one style if you can be inspired by all? Why not draw from everything you are and everything you know to create everything that’s not there yet? Why chose one world, if your home will be wherever you go? The world as our home, the world inside ourselves – in constant flow. On their new album, this flow yet again takes us back to India. Our questions wash up on its shores as we imagine what life feels like there. The unknown is naturally filled with our own, well known images as we seem to recognize German landscapes or perhaps Californian ease. Each song of the Clan’s diverse repertoire is injected with the soul of a well-established style or genre and then inspired with new life. And the result? A deep awareness that life is but a wild current of melodies: foreign at first and then strikingly familiar – ever moving with no repetitions.

Listening to the Max Clouth Clan, we are consciously immersed in this current and invited to linger in anticipation of the unknown waiting to flow through us.