Refugees sew bags from boats and life jackets stranded on Lesbos. They call their project “Bag Mohajer” – Bag of the Refugee. With their work, the seamsters want to take a part of their life and their flight stories to places they can’t visit, themselves.

The film lets three young men from Afghanistan explain how they sew bags from life boats and life jackets that are washed up on the Isle of Lesbos. For them, the manufacturing of the bags is a way to tell their story and to take a part of their flight experience to places they aren’t allowed to travel to, themselves.
The film accompanies the production of a bag in calm images – from the collection of boats on Lesbos to the completion in the workshop in Athens. The production of the bags also acquaints us with the life and flight stories of the protagonists and their everyday life.

Director. Adrian Oeser
DOP: Evangelos Anthimos
Sound: Maleen Harlan
Motion Design: Moril Gnyoke
Sounddesign: Tim Heumesser