Short film – 26 minutes




Emma is addicted to chewing gums. She reaches puberty but is still in denial about it. She’d love nothing better than to swing with her childhood friend Lasse, to play with her father’s toy train and to chew gum the whole day – just nothing should change. But Lasse suddenly has a girl friend and is interested in sex. But not just Lasse changed. Emma’s parents want to dismantle the toy train world. They say she’s too old for that now. But what has that got to do with anything? Does Emma win Lasse over or does she has to leave her childish bubble gum world forever?


Director: Anja Gurres
Cinematography: Philip Henze
Film Music: Max Clouth
Editing: Julia Meyer
Executive Producer: Steffen Freckmann, Maximilian Höhnle
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Martin Neuhaus
Valerie Niehaus
Sara Kärcher
Leon Lerch




Winner – 19th CALIGARI FÖRDERPREIS: Petra-Mosselman-Gedächtnis-Preis von der UFA Fiction GmbH, 2017
26th DEUTSCHES KINDER MEDIEN FESTIVAL GOLDENER SPATZ (Competition “Kurzfilm”, Erfurt & Gera,
Germany, 2018)
11th FILMZEITKAUFBEUREN (Official Selection, Kaufbeuren, Germany, 2018)
15th FISH-FESTIVAL IM STADTHAFEN (Competition “Junger Film”, Rostock, Germany, 2018)
24th FILMSCHAU BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG (Official Selection, Stuttgart, Germany, 2018)
35th VIDEO/FILM TAGE (Official Selection, Mainz, Germany, 2019)

*BEST STUDENT FILM*, 1st ONIROS FILM AWARDS (Official Selection, Edition Febuary, Aosta, Italy, 2018)
*SEMI FINALIST – BEST STUDENT FILM*, 5th STUDENT WORLD AWARDS (Talent Factory, Edition April, Los Angeles, USA, 2018)
26th International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima 2019 (ETIUDA competition, Poland, 2019)
9th KINODISEEA (Competition (15-18 years), Bucharest, Romania, 2018)
15th SAN DIEGO INT’L KIDS’ FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, San Diego, USA, 2018)
4th STIFF STUDENT INT’L FESTIVAL (Competition, Rijeka, Croatia, 2018)
1st ENDLESS MOUNTAINS FILM FESTIVAL (Family Friendly Shorts, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, 2018)
1st GUACAMOLE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Chicago, USA, 2018)
1st INSHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2019 (Official Selection, Lagos, Nigeria, 2018)