A documentary film showing the daily routine of five tea makers from different social backgrounds all over India.

At the Azadpur Market in Delhi, in an upper-class teahouse in Pune, at an Indian film set near Mumbai, in the ancient streets of Kolkata and at the tea growing station Darjeeling five protagonists have one thing in common: they prepare Indians most popular drink, Masala Chai. But their daily routine differs a lot. Masala Chai gives us a deep insight into the life of five tea makers. An emotional and informative documentary film about the social conditions, contrasts and traditions of India. 


Director: Marco Hülser
DOP: Shamin Kulkarni
Sound: Gowryrahm Mohan
Colorist: Robin Jünkefeld
Producers: Yogesh Jagam, Ketaki Narayan, Enkelejd Lluca